An evening with…

The Berghaus Dragons Back Race, 2019
April 26, 2019
Volunteers needed: Llandovery Station Tea Rooms
June 18, 2019

Tuesday 11th June, 2019: Choux Swan Demo with Kevin at Perth y Duon.

Kevin showed us how to make the choux pastry with his special ‘master baker’ tips;  we then learnt how to pipe the swan shapes, bake and fill, and then we ate them!!!

Lovely evening had by all, and wonderful hosting by Kevin and Marcella.  Our sincere thanks to them both.

Tuesday 7th May, 2019: Tonight was the first of the RDCA ‘an evening with…’ events, and The Royal Oak hosted Brecon Mountain Rescue.

David Grant – one of the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team (BMRT) – gave an enlightening talk on the BMRT: how they operate; respond; and deal with emergencies.

Key tips for taking-away:

  • Register your phone for the 999 text message service, so you can send a text message for help when you have little phone signal on the mountain
  • Download a ‘co-ordinates finder’ on your smartphone, so if you need to call help, you can give a precise location to the response team. E.g. OS Locate (free)
  • Always take a torch with you, even if you don’t plan on being out in the dark. You won’t have planned to have an accident either
  • Other useful links

The BMRT are fully funded by donations, and it costs them approximately £50k a year to run the service. If you’d like to fund raise or donate, you can find links on their website.