Annual Sheep Dog Trials

Minutes of Meetings
August 8, 2018
Rhandirmwyn’s Places of Worship
September 26, 2018

Annual Sheep Dog Trials

Sheep Dog Trials

SDT have been an important feature in the village calendar for well over 100 years. There is a Local News item in The Cambrian newspaper from September 24 1909 about the Annual Sheep Dog trials and Quoiting Match. “Both being well attended with 27 dogs running and 46 entries to the quoits match”.Trials were originally held at Broncwrt, later moving to Pwllpriddog fields alongside the Annual village Show. Click here for a sneak preview.

The Royal Oak in Rhandirmwyn has three framed Sheepdog Trial Posters from the late 1940s and early 50s that are well worth looking at.

For some time it was a two day trial, the first day being an opportunity for locals to run their dogs and the second day being the full Trials.

Now the Trials are held on the Friday before the Show and are a popular venue for triallers and visitors alike.

The 2018 Trials were well attended, with 75+plus runs and triallers from as far away as Japan, Belgium and Holland.

2018 Results

Placed Open National Novice National Open South Wales Novice South Wales
1st Gerald Lewis with Gary John Price with Tess Emyr Lloyd with Sal Emyr Lloyd with Sal
2nd John Price with Tess Emyr Lloyd with Sal Lisa Hansen with Nyx Lisa Hansen with Nyx
3rd Emyr Lloyd with Sal Christine Soar with Mali Christine Soar with Tania Christine Soar with Tania
4th Kevin Broad with Cade Maria Igne with Cookie Ifan Griffiths with Candy Christine Soar with Ziggy
5th Angie Driscoll with Mazi Lisa Hansen with Nyx Rhys Jones with Rex Maria Igne with Cookie
6th Rhys Jones with Rex Anna Anderson with Butch Tony Mellon with Jazz Rhys Jones with Rex


Thanks to all those who took part, we hope to see you again in 2019. Also many thanks everyone who gave their time and energy to make this event a success, we hope to see you again too!