Rhandirmwyn Hydro Electric Site visit

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November 11, 2019
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February 3, 2020

Ewan Campbell-Lendrum was kind enough to invite the village to view the Hydro Electric construction site today. A good turn out of local people were shown around the construction site, and Ewan answered their questions about the project.

The project began 10years ago, with construction beginning in Nov’ 2018 and due to complete Spring 2020.

Water Siphon

The hydro plant will siphon excess water from the river Towy, always leaving the first 700 litres per second in the river. This water is then pooled before being piped up to the siphon block, and then down to the powerplant. On average the siphon will take 1/3 of the water that used to flow down the Towy.

The pipework will contain a solid column of water, with a diameter of nearly 2m.

The Hydro plant will generate 1.6 megawatts of energy once operational, and provide clean green electricity into the grid for generations to come.

The RDCA would like to thank Ewan Campbell-Lendrum for taking the time to show us around and engage with the local community.

After the visit Nerys suggested that the Rhandirmwyn Hydro plant would make an excellent location for the next James Bond film, and offered her services as the new Bond girl.