St Barnabas Church Building Project

Christmas by candlelight
November 11, 2023
Bryn Cadwgan
December 3, 2023

Project Vision

As anyone who has visited our church building knows, it is damp, low on light and uncomfortably cold. The internal walls are in poor repair and the heating and lighting systems are outdated and inefficient. We have no mains water or drainage facilities, which if present would enable provision of toilet and kitchen facilities. The church is filled with pews which prevent potential use of the space for community purposes and there is also no disabled access.

Our vision is to renovate and repair our church to make the space much more useable, accessible and welcoming for everyone in the community.

Church support for the project

Our newly elected Bishop, Dorrien Davies has visited and was really enthusiastic in his support of what we hope to achieve.

Project Team

We are meeting regularly to advance matters and will update the community as things progress.

We are very grateful to have the support of Coleg Elidyr and we have also approached Cawdor Estate for their support. The Church was built for Lord Cawdor in 1875 and was consecrated on Lord Cawdor’s birthday, 11th June 1878, which is also, coincidentally, St. Barnabas Day – hence the name “St. Barnabas Church